Lisa Riddoch - Author

2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards:

"Very detailed cover, with the light and dark swords conveying the battles to come, and the futuristic vistas readying the reader for the opener. Well done.
Author does an excellent job of describing scenery in a visual and sensory way. Some phrases are so beautiful, reader goes back to admire them again. Especially at the start of the book, this is a wonderful gem allowing the reader to immerse fully in the book's realm. The author has done a wonderful job of adding realistic detail to the book."

"Lots to ponder in this book, which creates an extra level of enjoyment in reading the book, and in its staying with the reader long after it's done. Nice job"."

"Reader Reviews:

"Really enjoyed this book - was hooked by the end of the first page. Lovely descriptions and wonderful characters. I hope she writes Book 2"

"A mix of Philip Pullman and Trudi Canavan. I found it easy to read, with a fluid style and a compelling story. Looking forward to the next one! "

"Brilliant book with great characters. Couldn't put it down. Well worth a read."